Bringing Sauna and Steam Bath Right into your Home


Gone are the days when saunas and steam rooms can be experienced only in the most expensive health clubs and spas across Australia. While it’s one of the most lucrative or “elegant” business for some, the demand for saunas in the country has obviously grown tremendously over the years as many Australians are craving for complete relaxation to forget, at least for a few minutes, the stress from their daily grind. And there’s a lot more – saunas can be brought to your home!


Steam bath as well as saunas installed in your bathroom can produce a spa-like ambience in your house. When you sweat, the health benefits of infrared saunas and prefabricated steam baths with steam generators aid your body to eliminate toxins or contaminants. Mounting a custom sauna and steam room has actually been made a whole lot simpler with the numerous premade residential and steam room kits on the market.

You have three choices: buy a premade sauna set, obtain one that is customized to match virtually any kind of dimension or form, or opt for an infrared sauna. Sauna kits are often ready to install and they come in packages with almost everything you need such of benches, an electrical heating unit and an air tight door to maintain the warmth and steam inside. Some also include insulated panels which could aid to accelerate the entire installation process. The only disadvantage to buying a premade set is that you are restricted to the  layout and design of the manufacturer, but that’s not an issue if you‘re able to find one that suits within your requirements.

infrared home sauna from Sunlighten

With customized sauna packages, you generally send out the maker with the measurements of the area where you will install or place the sauna, and the maker will create the sauna that suits your spatial demands. This is a bit much more labour extensive because you have to mount the area and also make certain the wall surfaces and ceiling are properly insulated. Another concern is that for any sort of electric job you must most hire a qualified electrical expert to do the job, or else you could finish up nullifying the manufacturer’s service warranty.

A steam shower is a similar option that uses the area of your shower unit where it’s currently installed. Prefabricated acrylic steam showers actually have steam generators built right into the device.

Saunas and steam showers provide a feeling of elegance and serenity, and also creates a spa-like setting in your bathroom. These days, you don’t have to go to Finland (a popular place for traditional spa) or stay in an expensive spa. It’s possible to experience the same relaxation right into your own home.


modern design sauna and steam room