Ways to Sandblast Brick Stone Siding

sandblasting the brick stone
Washing brick stone siding with acids as well as various other liquid cleaning products might not be the ideal cleaning approach to utilize, considering that acids could soften the building material. The best option would be to sandblast the brick stone siding. The sandblasting process may look overwhelming and require professional help, but basically, the process requires a sandblaster to propel sand or other types of grits to help clean the surfaces and remove paint. There are health concerns regarding the use of acids in cleaning and sandblasting, but the latter can be prevented by wearing the proper working gear.     [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="269"]sandblasting the exterior brick stone Photo from softblast.co.uk[/caption]   Preparation   Prior to beginning the sandblasting job, cover the windows with used wood boards or plyboard. Cover various other locations that are not brick with tarpaulins or heavy duty adhesive tape. See to it that the only areas revealed are the brick ston...
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